Novel Learning Platform of Wave Superposition using Music: An Architecture Design


  • Dwi Edi Setyawan Institut Teknologi Telkom Surabaya
  • Billy Montolalu Institut Teknologi Telkom Surabaya
  • Ardiansyah Al Farouq Institut Teknologi Telkom Surabaya
  • Ubaidillah Umar Institut Teknologi Telkom Surabaya
  • Helmy Widyantara Institut Teknologi Telkom Surabaya


Sine wave, Superposition, Sound Generator, Music, Education 4.0


 This paper discusses about sound generators which produce sounds through superposition of several sine waves such that it may be composed as a musical melody. The primary purpose of this research is to employ sound generators as learning media for electrical engineering students, especially in understanding of electrical waves including its parameters. This is motivated by situation that common learning methods of waves often simply utilize function generator then display the results to the oscilloscope which may lead to unattractive learning. This paper overviews several applications of sound generators elucidated in the literature review section. An appropriate and simple architecture design is proposed by which built from a microcontroller as the main processor and some passive RC integrator circuits to convert square waves into sine waves. The algorithm deployed in the microcontroller contains pitch scenario and durations between changing pitch on four sine waves that have been generated. Meanwhile, in making of the algorithm, the ability to compose pitch sound scenarios is required to yield a good rhythm. Finally, the use of this practicum tool as a learning media is discussed as well.